In a timely effort Wayne, (Sage of the Hammer Drill).., steals the (on loan) Bosch Hammer Drill (nice tool , thanks Dennis) out of the hands of Ben (the man on a mission) who has put in the first 7 feet of a 10 foot copper ground rod. Ben also made a considerable donation of thick copper wire to the SCRCMC, in there bid to ground and prep for the return of the main electrical control unit that is overly sensitive and problem prone and flawed. Wayne negotiated a brand new unit for the club, to replace the dud. It should arrive within a week. Snarky, cheap and proud of it!

Ben was happy for the break, the first 7 feet of copper rod had taken ten minutes to rapidly vibrate into the ground with the hammer drill and special rod holder attachment (and his teeth were starting to chatter). But Ben was soon back at the task, as Wayne soon found new interests (after 30 seconds and a photograph) and handed the tool back to that Trenching Man on a Mission to finish. Yea Ben! He had found his trenching smile!

Nothing puts a smile on your face like this new Bosch Hammer Drill,

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