SCRCMC “Icebreaker” Fun-Fly 2022


Starting Time: – 10am Saturday May 28th

A day of general flying divided up with special interest flights from War Birds, Jets, 3D, lMAC, Pattern, Tow Gliders, Pilon Racers etc. Each of the special interest flights will be limited to 10 minutes then back to general flying.
Concurrently from 10 to noon Gordon Wilhelm will be running an “Introduction to IMAC Course for Basic pilots” for anyone interested, which will conclude with a single sequence IMAC flight.
General flying with special interest flights will continue as weather permits.
BBQ Lunch will be provided.
There will not be any prizes.

MAAC Rules Refresher for General Flying

Only pilots flying – no pilot training
No Maidens – only planes with more than 5 successful flights
Range checks on all planes.
All pilots will fly a circuit whenever there is more than 1 plane in the air. If there is any interest we could try and see how many planes can fly the circuit at the same time.
All initial turns after takeoff away from the people

No flying behind the flight line.

We are hoping for great weather, a good turnout and a fun day hope to see you there.

A very special thanks to Rick King for organizing this event!