When operating any Turbine Engine model aircraft MAAC members will adhere to the following:
  1. Prior to the first flight of the day, I shall do a thorough physical inspection of my turbine powered model.
  2. I shall have an effective, operational Carbon Dioxide or other suitable fire extinguisher (not powder) within reach during all turbine operations.
  3. At MAAC sanctioned events where turbine powered aircraft are invited, the organizer shall provide fire fighting equipment appropriate to the local conditions.
  4. I shall use wheel brakes on my turbine engine model aircraft unless the aircraft can be demonstrated to remain motionless when released with engine at idle.
  5. I shall not use flexible plastic bags (i.e. intravenous bags) as fuel tanks in turbine engine model aircraft.
  6. I shall fuel and start my turbine engine model aircraft following safety procedures established by the manufacturer. The turbine must be shut down during refueling.
  7. Turbines whose primary fuel is a compressed gas (i.e. propane) shall not be flown in a model aircraft. (Small containers for start up gas are still permitted.)
  8. Gas turbine powered models shall incorporate radio failsafe which will shut down the engine within 2 seconds in the event of loss of signal.
  9. I shall ensure that the tailpipe (exhaust) is not pointed at any person, combustible or fragile object. A blast deflector should be used if this is not possible.
  10. I shall ensure all non-essential personnel remain 10 meters from the turbine engine model aircraft during the starting process. No person must be allowed to stand close to an operating engine in the rotational plane of the compressor or turbine.
  11. I shall have an electrical (i.e. solenoid) or manual fuel shutoff valve in the fuel delivery system capable of shutting off fuel flow in the event of a emergency.
  12. I shall not fly a turbine powered aircraft in a speed, record setting, or racing event in Canada.
  13. I shall have a spotter/assistant when operating a turbine model aircraft.
  14. Inexperienced operators should seek the assistance of an experienced turbine operator before running a gas turbine. If in doubt – seek help.
  15. I will not run a gas turbine if the surrounding environment presents a fire risk unless adequate precautions are taken to negate the risk.

Safety Guidelines July 31, 2012 Version 1