Road /Field conditions

April 6 2019

The road is now dry(unfortunately was rutted up earlier in some sections) but has good access all the way to the parking lot with any type of vehicle. All the remaining snow in the pit area and runway has now melted and is good to use.

March 23 2019

The road into the flying field was drivable on Saturday up to the north side of the flying field, just past well site. Please do not drive any further as the road into the parking lot and the parking area still has lots of snow and moisture and will rut easily. Your vehicle will get dirty as the road was wet and lots of standing water to drive through. Most of the runway was clear for flying. Most of the pit area and around the clubhouse has 1-2 feet of snow.

Conditions can change quickly so if you start making ruts coming in, please turn around and come back another day.

Feel free to add comments if you have been out since this update.

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