Club Guidelines & Safety Rules

Members Accountability and Responsibility at the Field

By becoming a member of SCRCMC you have agreed to hold yourself, other flyers and non-flyers accountable to the field rules. Each member is expected to handle field safety in a professional and respectful manner. It is the responsibility of each member to remind fellow modellers of the rules we have all agreed to follow, as such an occasion arises. Confrontation, aggressive behaviour or the use of profanity at the field, or at any SCRCMC meeting, will not be accepted and may result in suspension of flying privileges. If a club member repeatedly and deliberately violates club safety rules, please document and inform the executive. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted or reviewed.


  • All members and flying guests must have a valid MAAC or AMA membership to fly. It is the responsibility of the host member to ensure their guest is familiar with field rules.
  • Guests are not allowed to fly unless the host member is present at the field and must stop flying in conjunction with the host member’s departure.
  • On arrival members will enter the guest’s name in our visitor guest book along with their current MAAC number.
  • Guests can only fly a maximum of 3 times a year plus they can attend our open fun fly events.

The Gate and driving into the field:

  • The gate combination number is not to be shared with guests or non-members of the club.
  • If you are the first to open our locked gate, please scramble the tumbler numbers after opening.
  • Maximum speed is 30 km/hr when within 1⁄2 mile (1 km) of the farmer’s homestead/grain bins.
  • Never drive off the road allowance to avoid puddles or retrieve downed aircraft. If the road is muddy and you are leaving ruts in the road, please turn around and come back another day.
  • The gate is to be locked when you are the last to leave (even if campers are present).
  • Do not bypass any other locks when securing the gate, i.e. daisy chain the locks so any lock subsequently opened, can gain access to the field.

Smoking and Pets:

  • Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot or in your vehicle. If fire ban is in place, you are only allowed to smoke in your vehicle.
  • Please ensure your pets are leashed at all times when not in your vehicle. Pets are not allowed to roam freely at the field.


  • Our field is specifically designed and insured with MAAC for radio control aviation activity. We do not have the proper layout for R/C cars or other land vehicles. Driving these anywhere on the club property is not insured by MAAC.
  • Overnight camping is allowed with prior Executive approval, however the campers must understand that, outside of a sanctioned MAAC event, personal items (vehicles, trailers, campers etc.) residing overnight, or longer, may not mave MAAC insurance compensation should a radio controlled model accidently crash into their personal property.


  • No member shall operate a model aircraft under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance that impairs their ability to fly.
  • Flying from 8:00 am is now allowed for those electrics flying up to a limit of 8000 rpm. No noisy EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) or electrics are allowed to fly. All aircraft are allowed to fly after 9:00 am.
  • The assembly tables and surrounding area by the parking lot are open to the public. They are NOT to be used for fueling, starting, testing, running of engines, arming and/or disarming of electric models.
  • Starting of glow engines and arming or disarming of electrics is allowed only when properly restrained, either on the ground or on starting tables in the pit area directly behind the pilot stations.
  • Starting of large gas engines is allowed only in the provided area west of the pilot stations, using the provided restraining posts. Taxiing out to the flight line is permitted only from this area.
  • The starting posts provided in the fence opening between the pilot stations is only to be used to restart stalled engines then immediately flown away. Engines must NOT be run up in this area when other pilots are present.
  • There are two runways – NW/SE and N/S. Only one active runway shall be in operation at any one time. The runways are color coded at the pilot stations. All pilots must stand in and fly from the same color zone. This is determined by any pilot that is already flying.
  • Please announce your intentions, i.e. taxiing on the field, taking off to the SouthEast, landing from the North West, dead stick, walking on the field, etc. Communication is critical, therefore all pilots should stand in the same flying zone. If there are enough aircraft flying to make communication a problem, a ‘spotter’ is required to communicate your intentions to other pilots in a timely manner.
  • The runway is for takeoff and landing only. All other flying should be 100+ feet or 30+ metres on the far side of the flight line.
  • Avoid ‘ripping’ your prop and please use an adequate muffler system.
  • The maximum noise level generated from our field will measure no more than 65 dBA at the closest neighbour. To meet this requirement, all models, while in flight, will be required not to exceed 98 dBA when measured at any point along the baseline through the pilot stations.
  • Flying OVER THE PITS, or BEHIND THE FLIGHTLINE is strictly prohibited and can result in the suspension of flying privileges.


  • Please take home what you bring out to the field. We do not have garbage service so take home your empty fuel jug, crashed airplane parts, etc. Please do not leave any food items in the garbage since it attracts rodents and causes the clubhouse to smell.