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Message from MAAC

Safety Alert on Unmanned Air Vehicles Transport Canada issued a Civil Aviation Safety Alert to remind all persons operating unmanned aircraft (model aircraft and unmanned air vehicles or UAVs), for any purpose, about the safety impacts and consequences of interfering with manned aircraft operations, including firefighting aircraft. This summer, a number of incidents occurred in […]

F3A Precision Aerobatic World Competition funding

To our fellow flyers: The Canadian Precision Aerobatics Team will once again represent Canada in the upcoming World F3A Championships in Dubendorf, Switzerland, during August of 2015. We are appealing to our fellow members in MAAC affiliated model clubs for financial support. Canada has a reputation of sending our best F3A flyers in the country […]

Now this is how to find a downed airplane!

When at the field Friday morning we saw a Bell Helicopter fly in from the West and slowing start to circle over the farmers field. After about 3 circles they then landed on the far edge of the North runway and let us know they spotted a downed aircraft.     They flew back to […]

UFO spotted at field

On a beautiful morning in June our runways had to be imediately closed due to an unscheduled landing of an alien spacecraft. Human shaped bodies fell out of a large basket and then they completed some form of ritual which looked like a happy dance possibly to demonstrate they were actually friendly visitors from a […]

Wayne Gets Grounded and Ben Contributes

In a timely effort Wayne, (Sage of the Hammer Drill).., steals the (on loan) Bosch Hammer Drill (nice tool , thanks Dennis) out of the hands of Ben (the man on a mission) who has put in the first 7 feet of a 10 foot copper ground rod. Ben also made a considerable donation of […]