Balsa USA KIT ¼ Scale SPAD 13 Kit #404

12 Nov 2017
Posted by Peter Thannhauser

$350C (Selling for my dad). Contact
Purchased at Great Hobbies, retails 590$C pre shipping & GST.

Wingspan = 79”, Chord=15", Area=2180 in2, Fuselage Length=61 in, Recommended engine = 1.80-2.0 CI (4C) or 30-35 cc gas (gasoline).

New in box. Full Size Rolled plans. 116 Page manual with 150 illustrated photos. Exclusive Balsa USA "Fall Out" die cut parts.. Jig cut parts. Pre-bent wire landing gear and struts. Basic Hardware Package
Due to popular demand and requests from the flight line,Balsa USA proudly introduces their new 1/4
Scale exhaust pipes, louver panels, radiator shutters, valve cover blisters and much more.

Details here

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