SCRCMC History and Contact List

 In December 1975 a meeting was held at Calgary Hobbies hosted by Ken Buckner, 13 people attended.
In March 1976, 150 letters were sent out to individuals who were active flyers in Calgary area inviting them to join a new club called Stampede City Model Club. 
June 1976 the club received an initial $3000.00 from founding members to seed the club, but the problem was they needed $5,100.00 to pave the field (now held by the Calgary Pylon Club at Indus). This led the club to make a Go/No Go decision in August 1976. A Go decision was made and as of November 1976 the club was formally incorporated. During this time initial members came in and provided debentures which allowed the field paving to proceed.
In 1977 the club was now moving forward and by September 1977 the club had 25 members, even though the membership was capped at 50. Current membership is capped at 80 members.
The original field was called the Roy-Terris Field after Bill Roy and Jim Terris. Unfortunately both these gentlemen passed away while the club was taking shape. In honor of their efforts the field was officially opened by the flying of aircraft built by each of these gentlemen’s. The first flights were piloted by Garth McGibney and Walt Chikmoroff.

We want to thank Bob Hodgins and Pete Moulton for providing meetings notes, materials and pictures from the clubs first meeting and years in existence.


2019 Executive        
Title  First Name  Last Name  Contact  Phone 
President Peter Finch   255-1358
Vice-Pres Murray  Kraus   201-3050
Past-Pres Fayez Cassis   521-0429
Secretary/Membership Gordon Auck   276-7470
Treasurer Wayne Adam   254-6148
Director Brent Bullen   254-1947
Director Jaime Garcia   269-9198
Director John Geleta   272-3247
Director Lee Kelm   938-5314
Treasurer Wayne Adam   254-6148
SCRCMC Newsletter
Editor Brent Bullen   254-1947
Field Maintenance
Field Howard Still . 279-6047
Field Fraser Head   241-9513