Membership Application

Membership History
Since the formation of the Club in 1975 our bylaws have incorporated a membership cap and that count is currently 80 members.  In the past 5 years we averaged about 4 members who are on the waiting list.  We typically have between 3 and 5 members who do not renew the following year as a result of no longer being able to fly or they have moved residence to somewhere with a much warmer climate.  
Membership Costs 
Costs are $50 to join the waiting list.  When there is room to join our membership, it will cost $200 for the one time initiation fee and the annual membership fee which is currently $200.  These details are shown on the latest membership form which is below in the attachment.     
2018 Waiting List Status 
We currently have 0 individuals on the waiting list (this is as of  Feb    2018) but   please feel free to drop an e-mail to the Membership   contact list, for the most up to date status . 
So to start the process you need to send in the filled out application form (below) along with your $50 cheque made out to SCRCMC.  The order of receipt is based on the postmark date of the mailed envelope or when handed to the Treasurer. On approval from the Executive, you will be assigned a wait list number and then it is just a matter time, depending if there are any current openings  or on how many current members do not renew the following year(s).
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